Healing a Fractured IS Environment with Integrated Security at Boston Medical Center

Working for a Level 1 trauma center and the busiest emergency room in New England, Boston Medical Center CISO Sumit Sehgal is acutely aware of the role information security plays in keeping critical systems, applications, and data safe so patients can leave the facility in better shape than they arrived. According to Sehgal, one of his biggest challenges was building a cohesive security strategy for the 490-bed teaching hospital and its 12,000 users, given that the organization had a host of different point solutions.


Under Sehgal’s leadership, Boston Medical consolidated several security point solutions into one integrated platform through McAfee, enabling a unified and consistent security strategy. With the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator ® (ePO™) central console, security administrators can now manage all interconnected solutions from a single pane of glass. Adding McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) enhanced the entire platform’s effectiveness through shared local, global, and third-party threat information in real time across all of the organization’s TIE-connected security solutions.

Consolidating to the McAfee integrated security platform gave Boston Medical faster time to protection, improved compliance, and reduced risk that cyber threats will interfere with the critical systems, applications, and data that staff and patients depend on.


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