Global Retailer Rings Up Comprehensive Security for Virtual Environment

Virtualization is no longer just a buzzword for large IT enterprises—it’s become a top priority across most business sectors. If you’re curious to see it work in action, look to the success of this large warehouse-style retailer. Through McAfee Solutions, the enterprise successfully virtualized 98 percent of its IT infrastructure, an impressive number for any organization, but especially for one with hundreds of locations globally. Adhering to compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PHI and PCI, IT departments are committed to providing safe and efficient environments that enable companies to focus on their main business goals: selling products to consumers.

With recent hacks of large retail chains reaching worldwide news and flooding social feeds, the global warehouse retailer had to get serious about safeguarding its growing virtual environment from malware attacks. Central to this focus was an antivirus solution specifically tuned for VMware vShield that could deliver comprehensive protection without slowing processes down. It was a tall order for a company with more than 25,000 virtual clients, 5,000 virtual servers, and 50 VMware hosts.

Warehouse Case Study 1

That’s where McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments AntiVirus (McAfee MOVE AntiVirus) comes in. Deployed in agentless mode, McAfee MOVE AntiVirus protects each virtual machine, without requiring installation of a scan engine. “The agentless design of McAfee MOVE AntiVirus helps relieve the overhead of traditional endpoint security, while offering essential protection and performance for our global operation,” says the company’s endpoint security analyst.

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus is just one element of the company’s Intel Security strategy, which also includes McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection for enterprise, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop, McAfee Endpoint Encryption, and McAfee Application Control. McAfee ePO gives the company a powerful, centralized console for efficiently maintaining and continually improving the entire environment.

Adds the analyst, “With so many highly evolved and sophisticated threats, endpoint protection alone is no longer enough—we need to know our landscape and have comprehensive intelligence in order to assess our risk. Intel Security offers us that intelligence, in addition to the industry’s best protection
for virtualized environments.”

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