Redefining Virtual Desktop Security

It’s been a hush-hush project till now! McAfee and Citrix working together redefining virtual desktop security. Brian Barney, McAfee executive vice president product operations, is presenting here with Mark Templeton, CEO of Citrix about the new partnership at the Citrix Synergy Keynote 2010. It was a very exciting keynote with the focus on how Citrix is providing the world with the technology to “move work to a more optimal place.”

The virtual work style is being driven by cues from our consumer lives where it will soon be a reality for enterprise workers to be productive almost anywhere. Digital devices from smart phones, ipads, notebooks and laptops are now constantly available. I especially liked the concept associating small, medium and large screen devices to the following work/play categories of “alert me,” “entertain me” and “empower me.” But for enterprises this is a risk and concern about how to protect data and intellectual property with such a dynamic flow of interaction between personal and professional activities.

McAfee and Citrix are working together to protect and support what I feel is the next major shift for business and those who move forward in supporting these kinds of computing and connectivity options will be the next leaders. By enabling the most costly component of business, the workforce, and adopting a consumer like feel for work activities and making it secure, scalable and simple might make work seem – well a lot less like “work.”

-Kim Singletary

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