Our January #SecChat: Securing Mobile Devices

During our November #SecChat we discussed Personal Health Information (PHI) and the top issues around securing PHI. In December, #SecChat covered the ongoing Wikileaks saga, hacktivism, and the related security debate.

This month @IntelSec_Biz took an informal poll asking tweeps what topic they’d like to see discussed for January, and the majority of our respondents answered securing mobile devices. So this Thursday at 11am PT we’ll host our third monthly #SecChat on best practices for the enterprise to secure mobile devices across the network.

Consumerization of IT has been a hot topic lately with the introduction of devices such as the iPhone and tablet to the workplace. As a security professional, how do I control corporate access among these devices, and how do I protect sensitive data? Furthermore, with current data security programs in place how do you control and provide access while still protecting the endpoint? With our acquisition of WaveSecure and partnership with Citrix around VDI, as well as solutions around network access control, threat intelligence, and mobile device management, McAfee is making BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) easier for the IT department to support. With risk minimized, it is possible to leverage BYOC for tangible business advantages such as: enhanced productivity with a more effective mobile workforce, greater employee flexibility and capabilities, lower organizational procurement costs, and less demand on IT for endpoint services and support.

What do you think is most important for IT to consider when it comes to securing mobile devices within the workplace? We look forward to hearing your thoughts during #SecChat this Thursday at 11am PT.

Logistics: How do I participate in #SecChat?

  • Simply follow the #SecChat hashtag (via search.twitter.com or a Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.
  • At 11am PT @IntelSec_Biz will pose a few questions to participants around securing mobile devices using the #SecChat hashtag to get the conversation rolling.
  • Tweet your questions, comments, thoughts using the #SecChat hashtag. @reply other participants and react to their comments via #SecChat. Engage!
  • #SecChat should last about an hour.

Questions before Thursday? Feel free to tweet @IntelSec_Biz using #SecChat for more details. Hope you’ll join us!

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