Eat or be Eaten: How Tomorrow’s IT Threats will Shape Enterprise Security

Effective network security doesn’t focus on today’s threats, it focuses on tomorrow’s. That’s because cyber threats, from malware to botnets, are constantly evolving. To meet that challenge, enterprise solutions have to move even faster.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1 is the latest real-time security solution that offers the power, sophistication, and scalability organizations need in a comprehensive endpoint defense system. Real-time tools help your frontline security responders to see the state of endpoints in seconds, analyze advanced threats, as well as scale with the IT footprint of your organization.

The future of IT will have to depend on the evolution of security to deal with tomorrow’s threats. Today’s IT space is dealing with the consequences of device and cloud sprawl, which enables hackers to take advantage of multiple attack vectors simultaneously. In the very near future, organizations will have to reconcile their security solutions with an endpoint explosion fueled by the Internet of Things, multiple devices per user, and the proliferation of Bring Your Own Devices and Apps.

With an ever-increasing number of threats, IT teams have their work cut out for them. In 2014, mobile malware is expected to drive the overall volume of attacks in the malware market. In fact, enterprises face 152 new threats a minute, yet less than 10% have security budget allocated to rapid detection and response. As a result, 66% of breaches will remain undiscovered for months or more.

These threats are only going to grow, especially as nation states and wealthy private individuals increasingly fund hacker groups. Everything from digitally signed malware to attacks requiring sandboxing tools are already in the wild. IT departments will also have to contend with self-deleting malware and malware that makes legitimate applications behave badly.

So how can organizations defend themselves against the future of malware and advanced persistent threats? Well, the answer is to have an advanced security solution built for tomorrow’s IT environment. By utilizing a real-time security product to see what’s happening now, rather than what happened in the past, IT teams can stay one step ahead. The latest update to McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO), version 5.1, is designed to meet these security challenges through an easy to navigate interface with role-based access to prevent backlog and greatly improve operational efficiency.

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