SIEM Basics Change as Fast as Malware – Get up to Speed with Securosis and McAfee

Like all technologies, SIEM must adapt to the environment surrounding it. If SIEMs are left without updates or review, companies run the risk of having critical data stolen, compromised or both. But reviewing and updating SIEM isn’t as complicated as it’s perceived.

On our live webcast on May 14th, the Securosis team and McAfee guided attendees through the latest in reviewing, procuring and updating SIEM solutions.

The webcast discussed how companies could securely update their SIEM solution based on Securosis’ white paper, “Security Management 2.5: Replacing Your SIEM Yet?” and on the extensive SIEM experience of McAfee’s Michael Leland. During the webcast, Securosis expert Mike Rothman and Michael Leland were on hand to guide the attendees through the latest in SIEM standards and answer any questions organizations might have.

If you missed the live webcast, you can click here to play the on-demand recording. By listening to this webcast, you can expect to:

  • Learn what to look for in SIEM solutions
  • Realize if your current SIEM solution is sufficient for protection
  • Master negotiation techniques for SIEM renewal and implementation
  • Discover how the evolution of SIEM architecture affects security

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