McAfee SIEM Offers Real Time Information on Data Breaches – When Minutes Count

We all know that 2014 has been marked by a huge uptick in high-profile data breaches in both the public and private sectors. What everyone is asking is this: How do we avoid a repeat of this situation in 2015?  This is an especially important question in government. With the sensitivity of the data government organizations hold, identifying and mitigating a breach immediately is of the utmost importance.

The experts at McAfee Labs have been examining this string of breaches and have learned that of all variables, time is the single most important factor in whether an enterprise-level organization can mitigate a threat. McAfee has recapped these findings in a report called When Minutes Count, which surveyed hundreds of individuals from organizations that were recently affected by data breaches.

The report found that 58% of organizations that responded suffered 10 or more data breaches last year and that only 24% of them were confident in their ability to even detect a cyberbreach within minutes. Thus 74% of surveyed organizations considered cyberattacks a major threat to their organizations. But the report wasn’t all doom and gloom: Early event detection and prioritization systems like SIEM have proven to be effective in mitigating these threats. Seventy-eight percent of surveyed organizations that were able to detect attacks within minutes had SIEM technology in place, and 57% of organizations using SIEM suffered 10 or less targeted attacks over the last year.

McAfee SIEM alone will not solve all data breaches and must be thought of as part of a broader, security connected approach that brings together interoperable network security and endpoint security. Still, the report shows that McAfee SIEM may be one of the most effective tools at identifying and mitigating threats in real time.

For our public sector readers, there’s more good news McAfee SIEM was recently added to the DoD’s Unified Capabilities Approved Product List (UC-ALP), becoming the first and only SIEM product to undergo rigorous testing and meet extremely stringent criteria. Being added to this list also means that McAfee SIEM is now interoperable with other components of the DoD network infrastructure.

The report makes clear that data breaches are on the rise and that SIEM is a most effective tool in identifying them and mitigating their risks. This helps answer the question, “How do we avoid a repeat of the [breach] situation in 2015.”

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