How McAfee SIEM Helped Cologne Bonn Airport’s Security Take Flight

Timing is everything in an airport and to handle the growth in travelers and airlines at Cologne Bonn, the IT infrastructure includes several large networks and various system architectures, which must be harmonized and centrally operated. Cologne Bonn is a thoroughly modern airport that has many advanced procedures in place to help them manage everything efficiently. This proactive approach to handling their high volume of flights and passengers is the same approach that Cologne Bonn Airport needed in its own IT infrastructure.

However, whenever Cologne Bonn’s IT team needed to generate a risk analysis and process security incidents, they found that correlating existing information was virtually impossible. Instead, the team had to identify potentially vulnerable areas and manually assign them to relevant information systems, which made complying with IT security requirements a difficult and manual process. Precious seconds lost in chasing down security data was something that Cologne Bonn could not afford.

René Koch, IT Security Manager at Cologne Bonn, needed a solution that would improve the security and usability of the airport’s networks. Increased transparency would make the IT landscape more controllable and able to determine the status of their security posture in near real-time. The information also needed to be partially controlled, influenced and documented via a central dashboard.

With this in mind, the Cologne Bonn Airport chose McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) to centralize and manage their Security investigations, response, and compliance needs. McAfee ESM fulfilled the requirements for robust reports and offered the IT team the ability to react to security incidents quickly.

Once McAfee ESM was implemented, Cologne Bonn gained visibility into the relevant events on their computer network, and further allowed teams to customize the McAfee ESM security dashboard to suit their individual needs.

“It saves time during ongoing operations and allows teams to focus on training on one solution,” said René Koch.

Additionally, by integrating McAfee ESM with McAfee Vulnerability Manager and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) , Cologne Bonn Airport was able to identify security vulnerabilities faster and more accurately, as well as combat IT threats in a targeted manner. By implementing these integrated McAfee solutions, administrators are now always informed about potential security related incidents.

McAfee helped Cologne Bonn Airport create a comprehensive solution to manage security information and network events, while at the same time simplifying the controls of their complex IT infrastructure.

“Security is the highest priority at an airport and McAfee is an important partner for us in this regard. McAfee ESM helps us to create transparency and to control our IT according to the requirements.” said René Koch.

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