Have you met McAfee SIEM?

If you haven’t heard much about McAfee’s fast and smart SIEM, now is the right time to take a look at what the experts are saying. After performing a hands-on review of 12 SIEM products, SC Magazine recently rated McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) as the SIEM “Best Buy,” with five stars in every category.

Why were we rated the Best Buy? Its simple. While other vendors struggle to provide the intelligence or the performance needed to deliver on the promise of real-time actionable intelligence – McAfee ESM started by solving the information management challenge first. By developing a database that was specifically designed to handle the massive insertion rates, real time analysis, and simultaneous query use the SIEM application demands – we started fast, which allows us to continually build on that platform to deliver the industry standard for “smart”.

Its not an easy problem to solve. In fact, you’ll see us solidly beat other “next generation” SIEM data management architectures on performance, value for money and ease of use. And with Security Connected at McAfee, we are not only delivering actionable intelligence – but turning it into intelligent action. With recently introduced active integration with McAfee ePO, Network Security Platform and Vulnerability Manager, organizations can automatically turn smart information into automatic policy change, quarantine and scan actions.

“From a functionality standpoint, this appliance has it all. On top of prebuilt dashboards, many interactive charts and graphs, the ability to take data and logs from almost any source that has an IP address, and the ability to drill down into raw log data quickly and easily, this product also features a multitude of pre-
built compliance 
reporting tools.”

You can download the full SCMagazine report to read more, or follow @McAfeeSIEM on Twitter to get the most up-to-date content.

McAfee acquired NitroSecurity because it was the only SIEM that combined strong intelligence with speed and ease of management.   We are excited to continue our efforts to be the best standalone SIEM and offer added value to McAfee customers through Security Connected.

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