Enable Security Teams to Succeed with McAfee SIEM

No responsible pilot takes off without going through a pre-flight checklist. It’s cumbersome, it’s time-consuming and it’s absolutely necessary. It’s the visual tool needed to make sure everything is in order so the crew can have a smooth flight. If something’s off, the checklist is there to help correct it.

The same principal goes for IT security: administrators need a guide to make sure all of the organization’s dials and levers are in the right spot. If they’re not in the right spot — if the dials and levers indicate a policy violation, compliancy issue or security breach — that guide needs to signal the danger to the security administrator instantly. McAfee Security Information and Event Management [SIEM] is that guide: it helps security professionals consolidate the necessary tools needed to dynamically monitor security events as they happen, not after.

Perhaps that’s why Edward Pardo, Senior IT Security Engineer at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, listed McAfee SIEM as one of his favorite IT products.

“I’m a visual person, and the ability to represent IT data as a dynamic dashboard is a vast improvement over previous methods,” Pardo said to networkworld.com. “Each area of IT can use the solutions that meet their requirements, while IT Security can minimize the number of solutions we need to be proficient with in order to protect our organization.”

It’s all about having the right information within reach before a security or compliancy event grows out of control. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager makes compliance management easy with hundreds of pre-built dashboards, audit trails and reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA, NERC-CIP and more. Our Unified Control Framework also empowers you to report your policies against more than 240 global regulations and control frameworks. All managed through a centralized, customizable dashboard that processes data so your IT team doesn’t have to.

That feature saves time and energy.

“The time saved in processing raw IT data into actionable events allows us to focus on other important business objectives,” Pardo said.

McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence also provides organizations with the ability to pinpoint malicious activity in real time, allowing your IT security team to respond to threats before they turn into disasters. With McAfee’s centralized dynamic dashboard, organizations can head off any potential threats before they grow into damaging security breaches.

Just like that pre-flight checklist, having the right awareness and monitoring is essential to any effective security program. With McAfee, you always have your dynamic checklist at your side.

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