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This blog was written by Barbara Kay.

Please help us celebrate the birth of the newest dedicated open source project site: As the focal point for the OpenDXL community, it provides a forum for developers and enterprises to exchange ideas, get help and contribute suggestions, share and research integrations, and find training and other resources. When you want to imagine, discover, build, deploy, or discuss services for the Data Exchange Layer (DXL) communications fabric, it has everything you want.

This site is for developers, integrators, and fans of OpenDXL. It features more than 30 new integrations from individuals and commercial software vendors. There’s a developer’s guide, a submission guide, and a cool bootstrapper utility (to make easy integration even easier). Please visit to:

  • Read and research.
  • Contribute ideas, comments, and answers.
  • Submit a new integration.
  • Connect with members.

And is just getting started. Next, the team will launch a competition for a new logo – you can weigh in on the ones a professional design team created, or up the stakes by contributing your own. And you will want to visit often. Every week, more integrations will be posted – perhaps you can publish yours or use one instead of writing your own. Tip: Be sure to check for new wrappers, they seem to be sprouting for every API.

OpenDXL is the easy and open way for the industry to integrate data and actions for real-time security operations. contains the list of solutions regardless of where they are hosted. It complements, where the OpenDXL open source code and solution code repositories live. Visit and say “happy birthday!” to

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