Open Source Security in a Post-Heartbleed World: June #SecChat

The discovery of the Heartbleed vulnerability earlier this year left many in the security community reeling. Since then, several OpenSSL vulnerabilities have been sensationalized as the “next Heartbleed.” What was once viewed as a beneficial open source project is now being viewed by some as a massive security liability capable of exposing large amounts of highly sensitive information. This new sense of caution surrounding OpenSSL and open source projects as a whole may be deserved, but it shouldn’t throw the industry into a DEFCON 1 state of alertness for every new bug discovered. During our June #SecChat, we will address current issues surrounding OpenSSL and open source programming in the wake of Heartbleed. The conversation will center on what went wrong, what’s going well and what we can we do to improve the future of open source. McAfee Labs’ Francisca Moreno, MTIS Threat Analyst and Sanchit Karve, Anti-Malware Researcher will join this #SecChat to provide expert insights and serve as moderators to the discussion. We encourage you to bring your personal opinions and experiences with OpenSSL, open source software, and the effects felt following Heartbleed. We will also discuss ways that OpenSSL can install better regulatory processes and whether or not the value of open source programming is worth the associated risks. These topics are just a framework for #SecChat, and we always enjoy when participants share their own questions and perspectives. To join our June #SecChat, please follow the steps below:

  • Sign into your Twitter account at
  • Search for the #SecChat hashtag (using Twitter, or a Twitter client like and watch the real-time stream.
  • Follow @McAfeeBusiness. We’ll get the conversation started by posing a few questions to participants.
  • Tweet your reactions, questions, and replies to the chat, making sure to tag all your tweets with the #SecChat hashtag along the way!
  • If you have any questions prior to the chat, please tweet to @McAfeeBusiness.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for 11am PST on June 26th and RSVP to our Twtvite here.

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