Out with the Old, in with the New! Comprehensive Data Protection at Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy, a large utility company with operations in Denver, Minnesota, and Texas, was struggling to secure its environment with a mixed assortment of endpoint solutions and consoles and platforms from multiple vendors. In lieu of juggling multiple endpoint solutions, Xcel decided they needed an easier-to-use, centralized console to manage all their moving pieces.

Xcel chose Intel Security to provide the integrated security solution. The new environment includes McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Data Loss Prevention, and Endpoint Encryption, with ePO tying everything together for centralized and comprehensive security management.

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On his most challenging days, Bill Frauly, Xcel’s Lead Security Operations Specialist, has to contend with multiple and continuous security events. With Intel Security, his team is able to operate in proactive mode to detect and resolve issues, instead of taking a reactive approach. Plus, the ability to adapt the environment based on security intelligence helps the team stay ahead of threats and shut them down before they result in a damaging incident.

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