NSS Labs Results: McAfee Reaches New Highs

NSS Labs recently released their individual test results for McAfee’s 10 Gbps and 80 Gbps Network IPS solutions and again this year McAfee achieved some new highs, including doubling the throughput of the nearest competitor. Each year NSS Labs publishes performance, protection, and value findings for the major Network IPS vendors in individual reports called Product Analysis Reports (PARs).  Here’s a quick summary of the two PAR reports just released for the McAfee Network Security Platform M-8000 and XC Cluster solutions:

As NSS continues to refine their test methodologies, they are proving to be a very good resource for short-listing Network IPS vendors.  McAfee has a very strong record in these tests, and we’re proud to have improved in several categories this year – too much to summarize in a blog post.  There’s a lot of great detail in the report and I recommend taking a few minutes to give it a read.

Register here to download the full NSS report and learn more about the full scope of McAfee Network Security Platform capabilities. And be sure to follow @IntelSec_Biz on Twitter for the latest McAfee enterprise security updates.


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