ESG Lab Spotlight on SIEM

It’s no secret that today’s attack surface is growing. Everywhere you turn there’s news of a new breach or targeted attack. Look around you – is your mobile device nearby? The answer is most likely yes. In a world of connected devices and people on the go, our affinity for multi-tasking is in turn causing an increase in potential attack surfaces.

The bigger truth here is that 2014 was a record year in the number – and severity – of security breaches. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that IT managers are finding network security to be a larger task than it was two years ago.

It boils down to the simple fact that businesses need tools that can filter and analyze the influx of security data they are collecting. This analytics component is key, as what’s really important is the tools’ ability to prioritize the millions of events and alerts coming in.

Furthermore, as malware continues to morph and get more sophisticated, where do we stand in terms of defenses? No longer are perimeter defenses, SIEM and a multi-layered “defense in depth” approach simply a ‘nice to have’, rather, they have become necessities to combat and navigate today’s threat landscape.

In their recent testing, ESG Lab focused in on McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), the core product of McAfee’s SIEM solution. Here’s a recap of what they found:

  • Testing explored how the solution accurately detects advanced threats, offers actionable intelligence and provides an efficient integrated solution.
  • During their research, ESG Lab was able to discover, investigate, and manage responses quickly, and from a single interface.
  • The findings? By quickly and decisively prioritizing events for investigation and remediation, McAfee ESM allows organizations to filter out the noise and focus on what’s important.

Ultimately, ESG Lab believes this type of end-to-end solution may indeed be most effective for protecting enterprises against today’s increasingly dangerous threats.

So next time you’re discussing a battle plan for before, during, or after a breach, remember that you want SIEM on your side.

Want to learn more about ESG’s analysis of McAfee ESM? Take a look at the full report or get up to speed by watching the on-demand webinar.

To learn more about McAfee SIEM solutions and get information on the latest security techniques, explore our SIEM community and follow along with @IntelSec_Biz on Twitter.

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