Network Security in the Amazon Web Services Cloud – It’s Your Responsibility! Part 2.

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In the first of this short 2-part series, we covered the basis of why you need to implement security in the AWS cloud, known as the “Shared Responsibility Model”. Advanced attacks, management efficiency across on-premises and cloud environments, and even uncovering Shadow IT, are all challenges you may face moving infrastructure to the cloud.

To help address these challenges, we’ve developed our flagship network security solution, McAfee® Network Security Platform (McAfee® vNSP), to work specifically in AWS environments. McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP) can be deployed in AWS and actually managed from the same place as on-premises NSP. With McAfee® vNSP in AWS, deployment is automatically scaled with your workloads, and integrates with cloud automation frameworks like Chef™ and Puppet®. Security controls are comprehensive for the network, and include inline IDS/IPS with web application protection, zero-day malware detection, and workload isolation via segmentation and east-west attack detection.

Since testing vNSP in AWS would require both accounts in AWS and our trial software, we’ve worked together with AWS to set them both up together. You can “test drive” a pre-configured combination of vNSP and an AWS EC2 instance for 72 hours, all on us. Within the test drive, you can simulate real-world attack use cases, configure policy, and review reporting dashboards. All you need to do is sign up on this page to get up and running. Enjoy the test drive and secure your cloud!

McAfee® Virtual Network Security Platform (McAfee vNSP) Test Drive on AWS Sign Up

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