At MPOWER, New Tools Give Partners a Defensive Edge

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October is always one of the busiest months of my year with the beginning of Q4 in full swing and the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit & Americas Partner Summit events in Las Vegas. This is a prime opportunity to engage with the great partners that carry our brand and our products into the field and expertly support our mutual customers.

This year’s MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit was more than just an conference. This was our first official gathering since becoming an independent company again. In keeping with our motto, “Together is Power,” 2017’s MPOWER demonstrated the formidable togetherness and power of the extended McAfee partner community.

Our commitment to the partner community was on full display at MPOWER, where we showcased powerful Security Innovation Alliance integrations and new innovations on tap to help partners and customers transform their security operations centers (SOCs). Together, we will shift the balance of power in the battle against evolving and emerging threats at every stage of the threat defense lifecycle.

McAfee understands partners are dealing not only with a rapidly changing threat landscape but also with a virtual fire hose of new and updated security solutions. At MPOWER, partners witnessed firsthand how our game-changing “Protect, Detect, Correct, and Adapt,” approach aims to reduce complexity and make partners more efficient and effective.

In the coming months, McAfee partners will have access to several important innovations that promise to continue evolving traditional security architecture, including:

  • McAfee Enterprise Security 11.0: We’ve added speed, power, and advanced capabilities to our premier endpoint protection suite to deliver our most comprehensive client security product. With McAfee Enterprise Security 11.0, McAfee partners can offer customers a highly scalable platform with advanced analytics, deep and machine learning, powerful event handling, and efficient integration with other security products in their arsenal.
  • McAfee Behavioral Analytics: In the SOC, understanding and baselining user behavior often makes the difference between efficient protection and useless noise. Our latest User and Entity Behavior Analytics offering gives McAfee partners powerful analytics to catalog suspicious events and build dynamic threat models based on risky user activity.
  • McAfee Investigator: We’re bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to bear on threat remediation and incident response, making the process more efficient, more accurate, and up to 10 times faster. By automating much of the manual threat investigations process with technology that learns and improves over time, partners can deliver world-class protection with less overhead.
  • McAfee Cloud Workload Security: Increasingly, customers are asking partners to protect cloud-based data and workloads. To that end, McAfee is delivering cloud-native technology to discover, defend, manage, and recover customer information no matter where it resides.

McAfee is committed to helping partners become and remain the trusted security advisors their end users demand. We do that by continuing to develop and deliver tools that provide world-class protection and make our partners second-to-none in cybersecurity. That’s the true power of our partnership.

All of this will take time to roll out, and changes will be made along the way. But by working together, we’ll build and bring to market a better approach to security to counter the dynamic threats we all face. I invite you all to send us feedback on how McAfee is doing and what you need to succeed. We’ll work to empower you.

Together is power.

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