MPOWER: A New Kind of Cybersecurity Conference

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Today we are kicking off a different kind of conference here in Las Vegas hosted by a different kind of McAfee than you knew in years past.

In my keynote this morning I spoke to MPOWER attendees surrounding a central stage, and it felt a little like I was in a boxing ring. I also felt clearly that we are all in a fight together, a fight we cannot afford to lose. You are so important to our success, and we want your input and participation in new ways.

Attendees here at MPOWER are in control of every step of the agenda. That requires agility from us, which is fitting for a reborn company that in April spun out of Intel to create one of the world’s largest independent cybersecurity companies. We are a bit of a paradox: A historic company as well as a new one; a $2.5 billion startup; a name you know with a new approach. And we have a blank slate on which to define ourselves.

We are writing on that blank slate a foundational principle: We want to be your No. 1 security partner. Not necessarily the only one, but the top one.

What does that look like? A CISO at one of our enterprise customers told me recently that using a coordinated McAfee platform gives him fewer moving parts to worry about. He doesn’t have to evaluate and piece together every cybersecurity tool his company needs.

We like simplifying people’s lives. In our industry, folks need it. In Security Operations alone, the average team relies on more than 25 security tools. We want our tools to support people, not vice versa. That’s why we provide a platform that will evolve with you.

But you can’t just work on your existing network. Cybersecurity today demands that you build with some architecture – and with some vision. We’re placing our bets on two key areas: endpoint and the cloud. Network security may protect the transport of your data and operations, but cloud and endpoint security protect the targets. Those targets are important to you, so protecting them is important to us.

Identifying endpoint and the cloud as our top priorities is just the beginning. Strategy without hard work is a theory. We might be one of the world’s largest independent cybersecurity companies, but we are a startup in a very important way: We hustle. Service will set us apart, and we are determined to prove that to you.

Let me give you an example. We have a resident support account manager working in Canada. He is embedded, if you will, with a large organization there. Here’s how those folks describe the McAfee resident manager: “We are one team, and he’s one of ours.”

To be one team with you – that’s exactly why we are here, in Las Vegas this week for MPOWER, and going forward. Together is Power.

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