Meeting Enterprise Challenges with McAfee Security Connected Framework

McAfee is embarking on an expanded initiative to accommodate the ever-changing security and technology landscape.

The Security Connected Reference Architecture is specifically designed to help customers integrate multiple products, services, and partnerships that result in centralized, efficient, and effective risk mitigation. These resources and tools provide a clear path from security concept to implementation, and can adapt to your organization’s own unique risks, infrastructure, and business objectives.

The Security Connected Solution Guides will highlight the challenges organizations face today and the solutions designed to address these challenges, along with best practice considerations, and associated value drivers. These guides map to key business trends and illustrate how McAfee technologies work together to solve real business problems.

Technology Blueprints will provide the building blocks needed to architect a solution using McAfee or partner technologies. Each blueprint details the driving business concerns, solution descriptions, and decision elements to factor into your architecture, along with a list of questions to ask when assessing your security infrastructure.

Implementation and Quick Start Guides allow for a successful configuration and deployment of McAfee products and technologies.

Best Practice Guides provide the details necessary to implement best practices and maintain, monitor, and optimize McAfee and partner solutions.

These tools will be posted as they become available on the McAfee Security Connected webpage, and we encourage you to use them to adapt the Security Connected concepts to your unique risks, infrastructure, and business objectives. In upcoming blogs, we’ll be discussing the various components of the Security Connected solution portfolio and the specific customer pain points that they address.

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