McAfee Webinar 11/30: Improving Data Center Security

The steady stream of high-profile data breaches has placed data center security in the spotlight. In the 2011 Data Center Security Survey conducted by Gabriel Consulting, they asked data center personnel a wide range of questions about how their organizations deal with IT and data center security. Respondents assessed their organizations’ current security approaches and the effectiveness of those approaches.

One of the most striking results of the survey was the serious disconnect between security perceptions and reality among IT Enterprise security managers. The majority of respondents (60%) reported that management believes security is stronger than it actually is, while only 22% reported that management is aware of their company’s true security preparedness.

Other key findings from the GCG report include:

– Nearly half of the respondents reported that they are constantly finding new security holes

– More than 40% of respondents feel that their organization’s security pace isn’t keeping up with threats

– Approximately 70% of respondents are skeptical of public cloud security

– 40% of respondents report that day-to-day security does not conform to the standards required by their official policies

Join us next Wednesday, November 30th at 11am PT as we examine what survey respondents believe would best help improve their data center security.  While most organizations seem to be on the right track (centralizing security, establishing standards, etc.) many of these efforts are still coming up short in terms of actual results. There’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to data center security—as daily headlines about breaches and downtime will attest.

You can read the entire Gabriel Consulting Group 2011 Data Center Security Survey here, and for more on what McAfee is doing to secure the next-generation data center, be sure to visit our Data Center Solutions page.

We also regularly update our followers on Twitter, so check in at @IntelSec_Biz where we’ll be live-tweeting Wednesday’s webinar using the hashtag #MFEwebinar.

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