McAfee Security for Business: The SMB Solution

As you’ve been hearing, SMBs are the new cybercrime target. Cybercriminals think these firms are easier targets because they can’t afford or manage sophisticated security solutions. Not anymore.

I’m pleased to share with you that we’ve have launched McAfee Security for Business, a more affordable version of McAfee SaaS Total Protection targeted at the SMB market.

McAfee Security for Business is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution, providing your customers with superior security protection, a reduction in operational and capital expenditures as well as an increase in productivity. That’s good news for our customers, and bad news for cybercriminals.

Further, McAfee Security for Business demonstrates our ongoing commitment to investing in you, growing with you, and optimizing for you. Not only does this product protect SMB organizations better than our competitors’ offerings, but we’re arming you so that you can learn about it, sell it, and easily increase your profitability.

We are now providing McAfee partners with the targeted turn-key assets and enablement resources you’ve come to expect from us. You can visit the McAfee Partner Portal to find new suite information and SMB training modules to learn more about McAfee Security for Business. And to cap it all off, we are offering exciting lucrative profitability opportunities with the re-launch including Accelerate Deal Registration and doubling the McAfee Rewards.

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