McAfee Reference Architecture: Enabling Consumerization of the Workforce

Once upon a time, we had a technocracy.  A small group of individuals decided what technology we would use, where we used it, and how we used it. The technocracy is over. Individuals are finding that the consumer devices they buy, whether they’re a Windows PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone, are more capable than what was traditionally supplied to them. Over the last couple years, forces from techies to business executives have enlisted IT’s support in allowing these consumer devices in the workplace, along with the apps, ties to web 2.0 and cloud capabilities they’re equipped with.

In addition to advantages for the user, there are also organizational advantages that come with consumer IT solutions and BYOD. Some examples are enhanced productivity, lower organizational procurement costs, and less demand on IT for endpoint support. The inevitable risks that arise from this trend are generally broken into two categories: protecting how data is manipulated and controlling access.

McAfee offers a wide range of solutions that are applicable to Consumerization. Many of these are centered on mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and virtual desktops and offer a centralized, secure, scalable, and extensible suite of capabilities.  From self-service provisioning and policy enforcement to user accountability regardless of device and granular user permissions for network and data access control, the solutions are transparent to the end-user and easy to manage for IT.

McAfee offers a number of essential features including:

  • Full and partial data wipes to remove business information from a user’s smartphone
  • Remote smartphone tracking, locking, backup, and restoration
  • Network access control (NAC) that delivers layered tiers of access depending on how compliant a particular system is – i.e. patch level, OS level, anti-malware solutions
  • Anti-malware optimization solutions for virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) to increase the level of VDI density on a given physical server by reducing resource requirements and crafting anti-malware solutions purpose built for virtual environments

Take a look at McAfee’s reference architecture for more information on how McAfee can help enable the Consumerization of your workforce as well as other aspects of your environment with a cost effective and holistic security framework.

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