McAfee FOCUS Conference Provides a Look at the Future of Security

This piece was originally published on Intel® Software Adrenaline.

From October 22-24, at the McAfee FOCUS conference in Las Vegas, NV, over 3,000 security professionals from all over the world put their heads together for new ways to stay ahead of the bad guys. On everyone’s minds were topics like staying secure in the cloud, keeping mobile devices and apps safe, advances in IT and security, and the ways in which Intel® and McAfee are partnering to keep users secure.

The conference floor was packed with exhibits that brought the future of security to the attendees’ fingertips, including four demonstrations by Intel. The Software Adrenaline team caught up with the folks demonstrating this innovative security technology and asked them how these advances are keeping all of us safer in the digital age.

Intel® Anti-Theft Technology Enterprise Solution

Threats to enterprise-level businesses can come from both inside and outside. Intel and McAfee worked together to minimize these thefts with the Intel Anti-Theft Technology, which is managed through the McAfee ePO security management console. This technology is aimed at protecting the assets of an enterprise by locking down a stolen laptop and binding the data to the computer so it can’t be easily accessed. It’s a solution for the last line of security in a corporation.

Protecting Customer Data and Reducing PCI Scope

As our daily transactions rely more on plastic than on cash, securing this data is an absolute necessity for both the consumer and the payment card industry. Protecting personably identifying information is key. Intel Lead Manager Jill Swanson demonstrated the ways in which Intel® Expressway Tokenization Broker helps protect customer data and reduce the regulatory scope. “Because the token is generated to replace the customer’s credit card information, it protects the customer in digital and in snail mail communications. Any company that stores credit card data knows securing this data is key,” she said.

Trusted Platforms Leveraging Trapezoid, Intel and McAfee Technologies

Our data is easily accessible to us thanks to the cloud. It’s also easily accessible to the bad guys. According to the Intel® Cloud Builders Guide, “Trapezoid’s Trust Control Suite* integrates trust data generated by the cloud infrastructure built on the Intel® TXT platform with the McAfee Security Management Platform* to audit, monitor and enforce cloud security policies.” Combine this with McAfee Deep Defender* and Enterprise Security Manager* and you have client-to-cloud platform validation. The code running on most enterprise computers often has code from the factory. This code has many vulnerabilities.Trapezoid is working with Intel and McAfee to make businesses aware of the code that is running on their machines.

Deep Defender Technology Meets Intel® Xeon®

Getting that view beyond the operating system can be challenging for security professionals. Deep Defender running on Intel Xeon servers provides blocking of stealthy threats. The software detects malicious behavior of malware by monitoring system memory tables and prevents critical server side threats that can propagate malware. “This is currently a technology preview; the finished product won’t be out until next year,” said Dan Wolff, senior manager of product marketing for system security at McAfee. “We’re showing it for the first time at the McAfee FOCUS conference, and the reaction has been excellent. We are seeing 3,500 new rootkit variations appear every day. The people at the conference see this level of rootkits as well. They’re happy a solution is on the way.”

As devices grow more mobile and as more data is being stored in the cloud, we become vulnerable, both individually and at the enterprise level to cyber attacks. McAfee and Intel are continuing to innovate to keep our devices and the cloud secure by staying one step ahead of the bad guys. After FOCUS 2012, this innovation and security will be spread across the world as attendees return to their companies with more tools to keep our digital world secure.


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