McAfee Firewall Hits it Big in Hollywood

I have been involved with developing great security products for the bulk of my career.  With every new product we always believe it is bound for stardom. Well, it has finally happened.  McAfee’s firewall product (McAfee Enterprise Firewall, formerly SideWinder) was recently featured on a prime-time TV show which depicts a military criminal investigative unit based in Los Angeles.

It was truly a surprise to the product team.  We didn’t even have to pay for product placement.  Why?  The firewall played itself: “Sidewinder Rugged Appliance – the most secure portable IPS, anti-virus, URL, Geo-location, encrypted application filtering in the world.”

The TV network said it’s a well-known product that one of the show’s writers decided to use.  With that choice, they showcased the technology that government agencies around the world trust to protect their networks from cyberattacks.

You can check out the show yourself, make sure you watch the “Burned” episode.

The best part is that it reflects reality: a real customer, a real scenario, and a real technology.  McAfee Firewall is the first choice when security truly matters.  We are very proud of the fact that government agencies around the world depend on us to prevent the exact scenario that is portrayed in the data center crash scene.  This level of protection is available to any organization today.

See how your organization can have the most secure network at

And no, I don’t anticipate adding the “As Seen on TV” logo to the appliance, yet.


3 comments on “McAfee Firewall Hits it Big in Hollywood

  • That’s cool 🙂

    It’s funny because when I watch IT training videos I always keep an eye out for the McAfee “M” shield on the demonstrators desktop, and it’s nice to see so many “big” companies, organisations etc using McAfee products.

    I support a number of large McAfee solutions and have been more than happy with the technology since day 1 and wouldn’t use anything else!



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