With McAfee ENS, Swedish Town Gains More Secure Environment Requiring Less Work

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For Jens Lindström, who oversees security operations for Norrköpings Kommun, a Swedish town of 140,000 inhabitants, ransomware was becoming his nemesis. “With the increasing pace of ransomware attacks, I was beginning to imagine a day in the not-too-far-off future when all my time would be dedicated to dealing with ransomware attacks,” he muses. “Thankfully, we implemented McAfee ENS before that could happen.”

The need to bolster endpoint protection and thwart ransomware ultimately drove this Swedish municipality to migrate the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise engine, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, and McAfee SiteAdvisor® functionality of its McAfee Complete Threat Protection suite to McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) version 10.2 not long after it became available. And soon after deploying McAfee ENS version 10.2, ENS version 10.5 became available so the organization upgraded to it to take advantage of its Real Protect machine learning technology in addition to Dynamic Application Containment technology.

According to Lindström, migration of the town’s 14,000 endpoints to McAfee ENS 10.2 took only a few hours each day for about a week. “With the help of our partner Advania and the McAfee migration tool, [migration to McAfee ENS] was extremely straightforward and not complicated at all,” says Lindstrom. “First, we rolled it out to all our schools, then we moved on to the administrative networks.”

Happily, Lindström’s hopes for improved endpoint protection with McAfee ENS were fulfilled. “Our single biggest driver for migrating to McAfee ENS and our biggest benefit thus far has been better protection,” notes Lindström. “Since implementing ENS, we have seen a dramatic reduction in infected systems and ransomware attacks.”

Improved protection means Lindström spends less time fighting fires, which enables him to do his job more efficiently and effectively. In addition, the improved graphical user interface in McAfee ENS helps him every day in the security administrator part of his job. “Dealing with endpoint security has become much easier and more streamlined since we migrated,” he says. “I can quickly see what tasks require action and more easily do many of those tasks, such as push updates across the enterprise.”

Of course, making security administration easier is not the Municipality’s top priority; protecting services and information for the town’s citizens is. However, with McAfee ENS, Norrköpings Kommun has a more secure environment while requiring less time and effort of its very limited information security staff.

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