Making Privacy an Enabler in the Next-Generation Data Center

As organizations evolve infrastructure models for greater business agility and cost savings, they can become mired in uncertainty. The issues of data privacy and responsibility alongside a myriad of regulations with different privacy requirements cause a great deal of concern, especially in relation to public cloud adoption.

Most global organizations are dealing with 42+ standards and regulations with which they must comply as part of ensuring the utmost privacy of their company data, employee information, and customer data. In a public cloud environment with services that are increasingly abstracted from hardware, it can be difficult for organizations to ascertain when data is moved, whether it has crossed geographic boundaries, and who has access to it.

Michelle Dennedy, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee, explores how privacy can become a business enabler and ways to decrease compliance complexity in part one of her two-part series covering privacy and the next-generation data center.

In the words of Dennedy, “By having confidence in our protections and partners, privacy can become an enabler of new personalized services, rather than an inhibitor that creates complexity and friction between security and business goals.” Do you agree? I invite you to take a look at her piece and share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below or with @IntelSec_Biz on Twitter, and check back for part two later this month.

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