Let Your Geek Flag Fly! Catch Geek Week on YouTube

It’s that time again: where geek is chic, when you can proudly walk the halls with Superman’s “S” ablaze on your t-shirt. Where Star Wars talk at the water cooler is the hot topic. Where saying “beam me up” is a statement of camaraderie. Yes folks, it’s the week of the Geek.

It’s that zany time of year where the superheroes, scientists, gamers and sci-fi addicts of the world take over YouTube… creating an amazing concoction of video antics. They share some love of their favorite film moments and characters, paying homage to the heroes and heroines that have inspired us all.

The aptly named #GeekWeek kicked of Sunday on YouTube with a focus on with the Blockbusters, the truly memorable and defining characters and films that defined what we call geek today. And with each new day throughout the week, a new theme is launched that touches on various aspects of geek culture, each just as awesome as the next.

Here’s a quick rundown of the week:

  • Blockbuster Sunday: MC’d by the great FreddieW, this showcased the iconic characters, films and shows that have come to define the modern geek.
  • Global Geekery Monday: Host YOMYOMF gave you a peek at geek culture from around the world, including an epic celebration of “Doctor Who” lore and fan culture.
  • Brainiac Tuesday: Hosts Veritasium and The Spangler Effect showed you how to exercise your brain with some heavy science and education and things that make you go smart.
  • Super Wednesday: Hosted by Nerdist and Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, this one is just super… superheroes, supernatural, super-weird. And included a trailer for Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World.”
  • Gaming Thursday: This gamer’s glory is hosted by Machinima and Maker Studios’ Polaris, to bring you the best in gaming in real life, and a Twitter chat on gaming. (You can join tomorrow at 1pm PT using the tag #GeekWeek.)
  • Fan Friday: Join Felicia Day of Geek & Sundry where YouTube’s biggest fans take center stage.
  • Best of Geek Week Saturday: Stick around to catch some of the week’s best moments on the YouTube Spotlight.

Should you miss the fun, you can still tune into YouTube.com/GeekWeek for a daily rundown of highlights.

Do you have any Geek Week videos you’d like to share? Share them with us on Twitter (@McAfee) using the #GeekWeek tag. We’d love to see just what you love about being geek.


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