July #SecChat: Security Conferences – To Attend or Not to Attend

Cyber Security Conferences have been around almost as long as Cyber Security itself, but are they worth attending? During this month’s #SecChat, Thursday, July 28 at 11am PT, we want you to sound off and make yourself heard regarding our industry’s mass of mainstream and “hacker” security events.

We want to know what you, as attendees, would like to see more of at security conferences, and conversely, what you are downright sick of seeing. Are the hands-on hacking labs and how-to’s worthwhile for you? Or is there a need for more business-centric training? Are security conferences keeping up with the latest trends, or is there a need to change them going forward? Are the webcasts still interesting, or have they given way to Web 2.0?

On that note, if security conferences have lost their steam, how else are you keeping up to date with the latest in security trends? Who or what are your must read websites or blogs, your must listen to podcasts, or your must follow Twitter security experts? These are all things that we hope to learn during this month’s #SecChat.

So be sure to join the conversation this Thursday, 11am PT on the @IntelSec_Biz Twitter feed, and share your thoughts on both large security conferences (RSA, Blackhat, Interop) and specialized ones (OWASP, SecTor, DefCon).

To participate, follow #SecChat stream on TweetChat or your Twitter client, and engage by tagging your responses with the #SecChat hashtag. Hope to see you in the stream!

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