Join @McAfeeBusiness #SecChat on 5/30 to discuss InfoSec Burnout

For an organization, a skilled security team is often the first line of defense against cyber attacks.  Yet veterans of the industry report that burnout is common, citing everything from an isolated day-to-day work environment to long hours and too few objective measures of success.

Depending on the individual, burnout might appear as depression, rage, or simply as career dissatisfaction.  According to Stacy Thayer of Veracode, the cost of unproductive security staff could cost the industry as much as $328 billion per year.   Clearly, preventing or mitigating burnout isn’t just a human resources problem, but a major financial choice for businesses.

On Thursday, 5/30 at 11am PT, we want to hear your thoughts on “InfoSec burnout.”  Are cybersecurity professionals categorically overworked? Are long hours and stressful days caused by poor communication, flawed decision-making within organizations, sub-par technology, or something else entirely?  And how can organizations prevent or minimize exhaustion among members of the cybersecurity team?

To prevent security breaches effectively, cybersecurity professionals must be well-rested, focused, and equipped with the right weapons against all manner of cyber attacks.  Join us on 5/30 to discuss on Twitter with @McAfeeBusiness.

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