Join @IntelSec_Biz and @XeroxCorp 5/17 for a Special Edition #SecChat: Embedded Device Security

Embedded devices, whether they’re in cars, printers or refrigerators, are all connected to networks – networks that can, and likely will, be compromised. This threat has been a point of discussion in the industry for some time, but not all organizations have been quick to respond. Especially when it comes to formerly static devices like printers, it can be difficult to transition the line of thinking: this is no longer just a printer; this is a network-connected workstation.

This month, join us for our first collaborative #SecChat on embedded device security with technology partner, Xerox. Representing the Xerox team will be security experts Doug Tallinger (@dtallinger) and Larry Kovnat (@lkovnat), who will be providing their input and answering questions during the chat.

We want to know:How much of a threat do you believe embedded devices pose to the enterprise, and what do you consider is the most concerning threat to these embedded devices?  How does that risk compare to other up-and-coming threats like cloud computing? What policies and best practices have your organizations set in place to secure embedded devices, if any? Have you specifically addressed connected printers in this strategy, or are they treated separately?

Join @IntelSec_Biz Thursday, 5/17 at 11am PT to discuss these questions and more, and give your take on how organizations should face the risks posed by embedded devices.

Logistics: How do I participate in #SecChat?

1. Find

  • Search for the #SecChat hashtag (via TweetChat, TweetDeck, or a Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.

2. Follow

  • @IntelSec_Biz will get the conversation rolling by posing a few questions to participants.

3. Engage!

  • Tweet your reactions, questions and @reply’s to the chat, making sure to use the #SecChat hashtag.
  • #SecChat should last about an hour.


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