Intention to Action – Why Security Strategy is Not Enough, Experience Counts

Intention is making the commitment to make a change, then growing and taking action towards that commitment. “Just do it” doesn’t always get the job done especially when it is complex. The key is to implement an approach where security management does not require a conscious choice each day but becomes routine, accessible and brings value to the business.

Security is now a boardroom conversation, and not just a function of Information Technology. We’ve seen breaches and poor handling of security incidents break companies or burden them with class-action lawsuits. Other organizations may appear unfazed, but they too are struggling with fatigued IT personnel dealing with the security concerns of their existing environment and rationalizing each new project. Integrated security management can give relief from these demands and provide the tools to create and monitor key risk indicators, drive sustainable compliance and give the ability to ensure against or react quicker to new threats. McAfee is already on the path today providing security management with Intel through hardware-assisted security technologies like Deep Defender and ePO Deep Command.

Experience does not always have to come from internal professionals to an organization. Recently the US-CERT announced a critical Oracle Java 7 Security Manager Bypass Vulnerability and McAfee customers with Premium Support were called giving assistance and checking in with the organizations to minimize this threat. While McAfee Labs also posted details and helpful information in how this vulnerability is dangerous and just browsing a malicious page is enough to cause an infection with a vulnerable Java version. McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence is also on guard identifying new cyber threats as they occur and empowering McAfee endpoint, network, and gateway products to protect users.

Our competitors may highlight the functionality of their point solutions and their integrated intelligence but only McAfee is capable of identifying and blocking threats emanating from file, web, and email and network sources. But this capability did not come overnight.  Through the diligent persistence and conscious actions McAfee has focused on security solutions and only security solutions.  Over 12 acquisitions contributed to the critical controls, monitoring, and compliance for business from small to enterprise over the last ten years.  Having come from one of these acquisitions I can tell you that this focus gives the experience of being acquired like that of being traded by a professional team. You still have the same goal but you are now just part of a bigger organization with more trainers and support to get to a higher level of performance.

The challenge today is that security can no longer be considered piece meal as network security, endpoint security, etc.. This segmentation will only cause problems and allow for gaps in protection. McAfee continues to stand by this assertion and continues to build upon the momentum that e-Policy Orchestrator (ePO) gives to business helping them manage security across the environment and grow the capabilities incorporating more options to manage the McAfee portfolio of products.  In addition, Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) brings situational awareness and unimaginable speed, up to 1000x faster, for security professionals to correlate, baseline and report on events across their environment. But as much as McAfee has developed and grown we also rely on other experts in our pursuit for comprehensive security for business. Our open eco-system with vendors and devices feeding rich contextual information to ESM and our unique Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner program helps partners through the technical touch points of McAfee solutions and options for management through McAfee ePO.

Strategy is important, but actions are the proof.  With integrated security management and an open eco-system McAfee can help business meet the changing needs for security with minimal cost and disruption and we’ve got a decade of experience of adding valuable security solutions. We’re not just another anti-virus company, just watch where we’ll go.

 -Kim Singletary

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