Innovative IPS Gets Smart with Intelligent Security Management

“More DDoS Attacks on the Way?” I cringe when I see a headline like this.  And this is just one in hundreds that have been posted since mid-September around a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by hacktivists targeting major banks.  The attacks are becoming more and more disabling as botnet delivery methods are used to compromise systems.  They flood them with bandwidth or overwhelm the resources of the targeted system – in this case, the networks of major financial institutions.

What allows me breathe easier about all this is that I truly believe McAfee has the technology and the products to defend against these types of attacks – even as they evolve and morph and find new targets.  You see, I lead the team that develops our Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) – a solution that is built into our Network Security Platform (NSP).  Last week, this team released major updates to NSP that raise questions about whether this is even IPS technology at all.  It’s actually next generation technology that will make every other IPS provider scramble to innovate just to stay in the game.

We engineered our NSP 7.5 release with the clear understanding that a more preemptive mindset is needed to protect against advanced threats – or ‘unknown’ malware – threats like the ones that are disabling the networks of these banks. Our latest release dramatically improves an organization’s ability to defend against the unknown with Advanced Malware Detection and Advanced Botnet Protection.  Keep in mind that for years, McAfee NSP has had behavior- and reputation-based technology that detects stealthy attacks.  Layer on the latest technology, that incorporates Deep File Analysis and Advanced Malware Analysis, and we’ve got a game-changer.

And, what if a threat does find its way into the organization?   We get smart.  We use intelligence.  NSP has always provided the highest degree of protection, leveraging its deep protocol behavioral analysis and reputation information from McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence. It is this level of innovation that has provided proactive protection to our customers, but we realize protecting is not sufficient. Years ago, there were maybe a few potential serious attacks per day.  But in today’s threat landscape, there are literally thousands per day stealthily disguised and undetected by signatures – requiring more and more data in order to be identified.  To manage this volume and complexity customers require situational awareness, which NSP 7.5 delivers in what we call Intelligent Security Management.

Intelligent Security Management improves an organization’s ability to identify the attack, determine root cause, and perform impact analysis.  With McAfee, this volume is easily handled, analyzed, and organized by virtue of progressive disclosure, intelligent alert prioritization, and scalable web-based management.  It’s complex and sophisticated technology that simplifies and streamlines security operations.

I’m proud of this, but remember I’m not the only one who thinks McAfee technology is getting more innovative.  Last month, SC Magazine, one of the leading IT security news publications for industry professionals, named McAfee a “2012 Industry Innovator.”   I’m thinking we may just get a bit more recognition after the industry test drives the latest NSP 7.5.

If you are a self-proclaimed techie and want more details, read Tyler Carter’s blog “Network Security Platform 7.5:  Not Just a Dot Release.”

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