Information Security Within Emerging Markets: Thailand

Just behind Indonesia, Thailand has the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. Embracing technology is perceived as an imperative for the future. This can be seen within the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra with a promise to deliver one tablet computer to every child in Thailand; 400,000 have already been provisioned.

Mobility and Datacenters

The Consumerization of IT, especially as it relates to mobile devices that are application, social media, and cloud-ready, are commonplace within organizations in Thailand. Within these organizations there is also a push for next generation datacenters that are more consolidated, greener, and take advantage of virtualization and cloud solutions.

Limited IT and Security Staff

With limited resources, making the most of IT and security technology and the staff that operates it isn’t a “want” but rather a “need.”  As with many developing nations, the threats and trends in Thailand are the same as more developed nations but the resources to address them are fewer. As such, organizations within the country are striving to develop a more connected security strategy that optimizes their efforts while minimizing their associated costs.

Potential Solutions

To aid in the adoption of the Consumerization of IT, BYOD, and mobility McAfee provides controls to protect mobile device data loss and threats that target smartphones, tablets and laptops alike. These solutions can be leveraged for streamlined provisioning and revocation and improved access control.

For datacenters, McAfee has multilayer solutions for centralized, distributed, virtualized and cloud-based architectures. Through a combination of McAfee endpoint, network, and data-centric controls as well as partner solutions within McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program, security can be delivered at a reduced cost and in less time.

Finally, providing real-time visibility for true situational awareness across all solutions will yield a more efficient and effective IT and security staff.  Further, fewer resources will need to be focused on tactical tasks; instead they can focus on more strategic issues.

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