Information Security Within Emerging Markets: South Africa

As the only country in the world that manufactures fuel from coal, South Africa has become a haven for major industries like mining, motor vehicles, machinery, chemicals and agro-processing. But like many countries, South Africa has faced an uphill battle since the 2009 recession, battling high rates of unemployment and a shortage of skilled labor. And while the country has made great strides in the spread of its IT infrastructure, South Africa’s Internet penetration is only about 14% – lower than Nigeria, Morocco, and Egypt – a result of frequent power outages that disrupt transportation systems and business operations.

Many of South Africa’s industries are dependent upon industrial control systems (ICS) for the operation of mining, manufacturing, power and energy, and chemicals, and as a result, they face the challenge of securing these systems, along with traditional IT solutions, while working with limited resources and labor pools.

Below is a rundown of a select few of McAfee’s solutions and products that are particularly relevant for South Africa. 

Dynamic Whitelisting

Whitelisting is suited for purpose-built fixed-function devices. Unlike blacklisting, dynamic whitelisting only allows activities it knows to be good, which means fewer updates, greater efficiency, and no need for network connectivity.

Data Loss Prevention

DLP helps to protect sensitive data by providing controls at a network and endpoint layer to prevent accidental or intentional leaks.  McAfee offers controls that protect everything from Email and online uploads, to copying information to a laptop or USB storage drive. Database activity monitoring (DAM) provides mechanisms to discover databases, scan for vulnerabilities, virtually patch those vulnerabilities, protect from database attacks, provide full audit capabilities, and integrate with popular ICS management solutions.

Intrusion Prevention System

As South Africa becomes increasingly more connected, its systems also become more vulnerable to attacks—IPS solutions are well suited to protect IT and ICS infrastructures, particularly environments where security and low latency are essential.

Security Information and Event Management

SIEM centralizes, correlates, and provides a single point to conduct incident reporting and analysis, and McAfee SIEM does this efficiently and effectively for attacks focused on IT, SCADA, and ICS environments.

The aforementioned products are only a select few from a wide array of solutions McAfee has to offer South African organizations. This post focused on the essentials for IT and ICS environments, but for more information on our other products and the McAfee Security Connected Reference Architecture, visit and follow us on Twitter @IntelSec_Biz.

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