Information Security Within Emerging Markets: Malaysia

Malaysia has seen tremendous growth, with an average 6.5% annual GDP growth rate for the past 50 years. It is one of the largest exporters of electronic and information technology-related products, and nearly 100% of their GDP is from exports.

To ensure continued growth, Malaysian organizations are working to increase awareness and education regarding information technology in an effort to mitigate risks associated with cyber threats impacting consumers, infrastructure, the economy, and government operations. However, they are still faced with several ongoing challenges including securing the rapidly expanding mobile and BYOD spheres, protecting sensitive data while optimizing IT investments, and guarding their datacenters, including cloud services and virtualized systems

Mobile Devices

In Malaysia, securing the rapidly expanding mobile and BYOD spheres is a core concern. Mobile solutions must defend against theft, data loss, corporate data breaches, and network downtime. Protection against malicious apps, phone loss, and malware is critical in maintaining a safe environment as consumers and enterprises alike adopt mobile devices and BYOD into their lives. McAfee’s Mobile Device Management helps reduces these risks, while providing users control.

Efficient IT Investments

As in many emerging economies, Malaysia is still working to build up a skilled technology workforce and establish a reliable IT infrastructure. As such, Malaysian organizations are striving to achieve a connected security strategy to optimize the efficiency of their IT investments.  Network security solutions like McAfee DLP and IPS can ensure sensitive data is sealed from start to finish, providing real-time visibility to yield a more efficient and effective IT and security staff.

Next-Generation Datacenters

Within Malaysian organizations, there is also a push for next generation datacenters that are more consolidated, greener, and take advantage of virtualization and cloud solutions. Security solutions must provide reliable and uninterrupted service delivery throughout any combination of endpoint, network, and data-centric controls while maintaining agility.

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