Information Security Within Emerging Markets: Indonesia

Indonesia is home to 238 million people, making it the forth most populous country in the world and the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Many businesses are investing in Indonesia’s future by supporting growth in infrastructure such as telecommunications. Across Indonesia’s public and private sectors, the threats and trends are similar and include the Consumerization of IT, next generation datacenters that take advantage of virtualization and cloud, and controls to protect both network-centric and data-centric attacks.

Mobility and Datacenters

The Consumerization of IT, especially as it relates to mobile devices that are application, social media and cloud-ready, are commonplace within Indonesian organizations. Within these organizations there is also a push for next generation datacenters that are more consolidated, greener, and take advantage of virtualization and cloud solutions.

Intrusion Prevention 

With the number, size, and complexity of organizational networks all growing, a more effective approach to network security is required. McAfee offers intrusion prevention solutions that are designed to optimize the network security investment across physical and virtual environments. These solutions tackle today’s most problematic threats such as malware, zero-day attacks, botnets, denial-of-service and long-term, persistent, targeted attacks.

Data Protection

Beyond intrusion prevention, there is a need for data protection within the network and at the endpoint. These controls apply to accidental and intentional data leaks. Robust controls that require minimal human intervention but provide strong security across leaks related to emails, online uploads, downloading information to personal devices and even USB storage devices are necessary for protecting the sensitive data and intellectual property that is becoming more commonplace within Indonesian organizations.

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