How To Keep Security A Priority? Join #SecChat Thursday

As an IT professional, often times you’re pulled in many different directions. With technology and the role of IT changing, you’re asked to cover various disconnected silos within an enterprise. When it comes to security, regardless of your business size or type – attacks happen. But how do you address security when you’re already stretched and have limited resources? This scenario is especially true for the SMBs, and what we’ll address in our #SecChat tomorrow at 11am PT.

McAfee has created solutions specifically to address the needs of organizations with limited IT security resources. Too often every mandate seems to have a technical point solution and independent control. Complexity can be eliminated through a connected framework across all security products. One solution in particular, our cloud-based Security-as-a-Service (Security SaaS) enables rapid deployment, easy operation and is well-suited for businesses with few IT resources. If you want security, but just don’t want to live and breath it, check out my  full editorial brief on solutions for SMBs.

Be sure to join us tomorrow at 11am PT. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on how to keep security a priority when IT resources are limited. If you have questions/comments before tomorrow, feel free to tweet @IntelSec_Biz using the #SecChat hashtag. To participate, simply follow #SecChat on or your Twitter client.

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