Healthcare–Friendly Security Solution

The pressure’s on in the healthcare sector to protect patient privacy and guard against breaches—now more than ever before. As a security professional in this sector, you need a holistic data protection approach that can help your organization deliver higher quality care at a faster pace while consistently assuring secure data handling.


As you’re no doubt aware, due to an ever-changing web of regulations that span federal, state, and local jurisdictions, healthcare organizations are required to safeguard patient data, including Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). On September 23, 2013, all healthcare organizations are obligated by law to comply with the HITECH Omnibus Final Rule, which outlines requirements for encrypting and protecting ePHI data. If your organization suffers a security breach, loses ePHI data, or fails to recover quickly enough following a breach, it may be investigated by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and could face fines in the millions of dollars.


Cybercriminals are particularly interested in ePHI records because they contain a wealth of data that can be exploited and monetized, such as Social Security numbers and financial data. In fact, in recent years, healthcare breaches have reached alarming levels, both in frequency and business impact. The total average cross-industry cost of a data breach in 2013 is estimated at US $3.5 million.

Healthcare experienced the highest per capita cost of US $359 per patient record breached. It also has one of the highest abnormal churn rates, with 5.9% of patients leaving their healthcare organization after a breach occurs.


Intel Security delivers innovative solutions that combine security software vertically integrated with hardware for improved usability, and hardening to increase the resilience of the security solution to sophisticated cybercrime attacks. These healthcare-friendly technologies can help you lock down ePHI and enable its safe use and transit in a clinical setting. The results? A big reduction in the probability of a breach.

View the video to see how Intel Security technologies can help you secure your healthcare data across clients, through networks, and to servers, reducing risk of breaches and other security incidents.

To find out more, visit Intel Health and Life Sciences website, and download the latest white paper,  Healthcare-Friendly Security.

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