Global Security Management Made Easier for Leading IT Service Provider

As national news of data breaches continues to reach the front pages, implementing a bulletproof security solution has crawled to the top of many company’s to-do lists. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing out choice customer stories highlighting challenges faced by the modern company — and how McAfee can help to solve them.

Computer Sciences Corporation

Our first case study focuses on our support of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a leading IT service provider. CSC is a global MSSP for a range of customers, including entertainment companies, federal agencies, and small corporations. When CSC came to us, they were experiencing a problem faced by many corporations — multiple vendors’ point solutions protecting its own endpoints, but lacking in central management. CSC protects 200,000 endpoints scattered across 70 locations and four continents, resulting in a major lack of central visibility.

Our solution for this challenge is a unified security platform with central management. CSC chose McAfee VirusScan Enterprise software to sufficiently protect its 200,000 endpoints from malware and spyware threats. To gain protection for nearly 5,600 servers against zero-day attacks, CSC deployed McAfee Vulnerability Manager, lending the ability to detect vulnerabilities as soon as they happen.

To gain a more centralized view, CSC enabled McAfee ePO software. This solution provided the CSC teams a look into security status across all 200,000 clients from a single management console. But the software doesn’t just help with visibility, it also provides the ability to report on both broad and granular metrics. CSC depends on McAfee ePO for regular reports, as well as unplanned queries into threats.

As Computer Sciences Corporation oversees so many units, it experiences up to 200 unique threat events every 24 hours, or about 4,100 each month. McAfee’s intuitive solutions were able to save the information security teams’ time, as well as provide the support needed to give their customers the sound security they need to do their job. CSC’s story is one of many — stay tuned for more customer success studies over the coming weeks.

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