Getting Assurance in a Time Constrained World

Nothing is as frustrating as when something goes wrong, especially when you have time constraints.  NIST has just released Special Publication 800-53, Revision 4: Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations where a few notable items have been added to increase the confidence that security, practices, procedures and architectures of information systems accurately mediates and enforces security policy. Assurance is now a key element according to NIST’s Ron Ross in an interview with Information Security Media Group. It’s also the first time that this publication includes privacy within its title.

McAfee’s soon to be announced endpoint suite will provide a new level of assurance with real-time protection, management and more importantly results. Incorporating Intel hardware-assisted security through Deep Defender assures that systems are free of rootkits and blocks these kinds of APT’s. Some may argue that this type of advanced protection would be hard to cost-justify but having it included in our suite now provides one of the industry-changing ways to stronger security.  What used to be a nice-to have can now be a key component to keeping things on-track and secured.  It’s been estimated that up to 5 hours could be spend per system re-imaging them after detection of a rootkit.  Isn’t our time and resources better spent elsewhere than dealing with aftermath of a preventable situation?

But it’s also important to prove that the right level of protection has been enabled and where you may have gaps. Today this has to be accessible within minutes. McAfee Risk Advisor’s global risk dashboard allows you to quickly drill down to get granular details of a threat and how it relates to the specific assets in your organization. It lets you know where additional controls might be needed to combat the current threats of concern and target activities that will make the most of your time combating security risks. Time is precious and we want to make it easier for you to get the security that will protect the systems and infrastructure so you can provide the privacy controls that are right for your business.

 -Kim Singletary

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