Friday Security Highlights: Upcoming McAfee Webcasts

This week on @IntelSec_Biz, we covered a great webcast with McAfee and AccessData on the future of cyber intelligence and response. The webcast was a part of our new Security Connections webcast series, created to showcase the power of McAfee-tested partner integrations in the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partner program. A full recording of the event, as well as a list of all future Security Connections webcasts is available on the BrightTALK website.

In this week’s post, we’d like to highlight some of the upcoming McAfee webinar events, including those from our Security Connections series. We’ll be covering many of these live on @IntelSec_Biz via the #MFEwebinar hashtag, so follow along for updates.

Sept. 28 2011 – 6am PT

Optimizing Security in the Next-Generation Data Center (1 of 2)

Join us and learn how to architect security in a way that allows your business to move forward quickly and with confidence, ensuring robust and continued service delivery, enabling new next-generation services that are more capable, improving management of risk and compliance, and reducing operational complexity and costs through simplified security management.

Sept. 29 2011 – 11am PT

Database Security – Comprehensive Protection without Impacting Performance

Join and learn how to protect your database from the inside out, leveraging the McAfee Database Security platform

Oct. 5 2011 – 11am PT

McAfee & Ponemon: Survey of Lost Mobile Devices

During this webcast, McAfee and the Ponemon Institute will share results from a survey of more than 400 companies. The results include quantifiable data on lost and stolen smartphones — both company- and personally-owned devices — by device type. This webcast will also explain how organizations attempt to mitigate or lessen the risk of smartphone loss or theft.

Oct. 11 2011 – 10:00am PT

Do You Really Know What’s on Your Network?

With McAfee and BDNA, learn how to:

–       Gain full visibility into all hardware and software on your network

–       Complete this discovery in a matter of hours, without software agents

–       Bring all devices under a centralized security management framework

Oct. 11 2011 – 11am PT

McAfee & Ponemon: Survey of Best Practices in Data Protection

Organizations understand the importance of protecting their IP and compliance-related data. In this Ponemon Institute survey, experienced IT executives shared their insights into how to best protect this vital data.

Oct. 12 2011 – 11am PT

Augment or Abdicate? Strategic Approaches for Securing the Cloud

Join Derek Brink, Vice President and Research Fellow from Aberdeen Group, in a live webcast to discuss two strategic approaches for securing cloud solutions and services: Augmenting security of cloud providers or Abdicating security over to the cloud provider. Recent research will provide insight as to which approach yields better results and why.

Oct. 25 2011 – 10:00am PT

Data Loss Prevention Strategies: The User, Friend, or Foe?

Join McAfee and TITUS to gain insights on:

–       How to involve the user in your overall DLP strategy

–       Best practices for educating users on proper data handling

How to participate in a #MFEwebinar:

  • During the event, we will be live tweeting the webinar on Twitter from @IntelSec_biz using #MFEWebinar
  • Check out the feed for live updates during/after the webinar
  • If you have questions during the webinar, you can submit them via Twitter and we’ll answer in the feed

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