Friday Security Highlights: Steve Jobs – The Web Pays Tribute

Like so many others, we have been following the countless tributes that have been pouring in across the web since Wednesday night, when news broke of the passing of Steve Jobs, tech visionary and co-founder of Apple Inc. Jim Walter, manager of McAfee Threat Intelligence Service for McAfee Labs, penned his personal account about growing up as an Apple faithful. We hoped to similarly pay homage to Steve’s impact on our lives and culture here in the Security Connected blog with a roundup of some of our favorite tributes, articles and blogs from around the world.

The Top Ten Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Us

Forbes contributor Eric Jackson gives an insightful look at what the world can take away from Jobs’ extraordinary life and career.

Cisco CEO John Chambers Statement on Steve Jobs

“The world lost a true visionary and great man today. Steve Jobs did more than simply shape our concepts of technlogoy and invention, he helped define our understanding of how great innovation and design can bring people closer together.”

Steve Jobs Was Always Kind to Me

Story by Brian Lam for The Wirecutter – an almost painfully personal recollection of Brian’s interaction with Jobs via the Gizmodo iPhone 4 leak saga. Neatly shows the full scope of Jobs’ passion and intensity.

Memorial at the Jobs’ Home

Reporter John Furrier shot this quick video while visiting Steve Jobs’ home in Palo Alto, CA, a witness to the outpouring of support from the community, and a yard lined with flowers, candles and letters to the Jobs family.

Apple’s Biggest Fan

Touching story by Allen Paltrow, blogger and student at Princeton University. At around 10 years old, Allen was invited to meet Jobs at the opening of the 5th Avenue Cube after sending an “enthusiastic and grammatically incorrect” message including a picture of the back of his head, his hair shaved into the shape of the Apple logo.

Reader Memories of Steve Jobs

Beautiful tribute from the New York Times, this collection of images and stories from readers around the world really brings home just how many lives were touched by Jobs’ work at Apple.

Steve Jobs: A Mega, Meta Mashup in Tweets

According to one Apple fan on Twitter, Steve Jobs became “the trending topic of all trending topics” after the announcement of his passing earlier this week. Adam Penemberg, contributing writer to Fast Company, wrote a great article chronicling the reaction on Twitter, mashing up responses into a social media eulogy of sorts.

We also saw an outpouring of responses among our followers on @IntelSec_Biz so many people voicing support and admiration for Jobs and his life’s work.

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