For CGI, Protect-Detect-Correct Strategy Stands Out in McAfee Endpoint Security

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“What I love about McAfee is the protect-detect-correct strategy,” says Infrastructure Architect Niels Benders of CGI, a Montreal, Canada-based global IT consulting and outsourcing company with 55,000 endpoints in 30 countries. “[That strategy] works out smoothly in the latest version [10.5] of McAfee Endpoint Security.”

The ‘Protect-Detect-Correct’ strategy Benders refers to is the essence of a successful Threat Defense Lifecycle—namely, the ability to effectively block threats, quickly identify compromises, and expedite remediation when needed. Bender intuitively grasps how McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) does all three of these critical actions to help simplify the Threat Defense Lifecycle:

Protect. With an integrated firewall, updated web filtering, and more advanced threat protection, McAfee ENS protects CGI endpoints from botnets, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, advanced persistent threats, and risky web connections. In addition, the Dynamic Application Containment (DAC) feature in ENS can analyze and take action against greyware and other emerging malware, quarantining them at patient zero to prevent infection.

Detect. The Real Protect functionality available in ENS 10.5 uses machine-learning behavior classification to improve detection and discover stealthy zero-day malware. By automatically evolving behavior classification to identify behaviors and adding rules to identify future attacks that are similar, Real Protect also speeds future detection. Furthermore, since ENS is built to communicate using the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) fabric, it can, via McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, to share near real-time threat information with other local and global security systems and resources, such as the company’s McAfee Web Gateway appliances, to detect new and emerging threats.

Correct. “Within three clicks, you can find the [infected] system, investigate the system, and respond,” says Benders, whose enterprise team delivers endpoint protection to both internal and external customers. In short, for remediation “[McAfee ENS] saves time.”

In addition to endpoint protection, CGI counts on McAfee to protect its users from web-borne attacks wherever they are with McAfee Web Gateway appliances and McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service. Thanks to the McAfee Client Proxy (MCP), CGI users and consultants are protected by the same CGI corporate security policies whether they access the Internet behind the corporate firewall or at home or at Starbucks.

All of CGI’s McAfee endpoint and web protection solutions are managed using the web-based McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) console. Benders loves having a single pane of glass to manage multiple products and an integrated solution in which “everything works so well together.”

Watch a brief video of Benders talking about his experience with McAfee and find out what his favorite McAfee product is.

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