Financial Firm Finds Holistic Approach Through Hybrid Web Protection

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The game of cat and mouse.

That’s how Vince Skinner, Vice President of Security at a large, North American financial services firm, refers to his favorite aspect of his job. “I love solving problems,” he says. “I love the cat and mouse of the malicious actors and what they are able to do… and then us either anticipating or attempting to anticipate their methods and techniques and blocking them outright.”

The key to anticipating and blocking, however, is visibility. According to Skinner, who oversees the information and physical security for the firm across its 100 U.S. locations, “The biggest security challenge at the beginning was getting visibility into what our users were doing, specifically for email and web access—so what websites, egress, port usage, network usage, things like that.”

With more than 1,600 users accessing the Web daily—from iPhones, Androids, desktops, laptops, and other devices—visibility and comprehensive web protection became a clear high priority. So the firm turned to McAfee. “One of our favorite McAfee products is Web Gateway, because of its granularity and ability to block threats to our environment,” notes Skinner.

The ability to deploy McAfee Web Protection as a hybrid, with both McAfee Web Gateway on-premises appliances and McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, means consistent protection for the firm’s users— wherever they reside—with one policy across cloud and on-premises deployments. In addition, the firm can reduce the cost of backhauling traffic to an appliance by routing to the cloud service for remote offices and off-network users.

Skinner credits McAfee for playing a key role in helping the firm to anticipate and block cyberattacks large and small. “McAfee has allowed us to apply a holistic approach to security—endpoint, network, server, cloud, and everything in between,” he says.

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