McAfee Endpoint Security Earns Top Product Award

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The AV-TEST Institute, a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and anti-virus research,  has given McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) a Top Product Award in their latest corporate Windows7 test. AV-Test evaluated the most recent version 10.5.3 of McAfee Endpoint Security and gave it a score of 17.5 out of a possible 18. Both Usability and Protection earned perfect scores of 6 out of 6, with Performance achieving a near-perfect score of 5.5 out of 6.

That means our latest Endpoint Security solution is yet again a market-leading solution, surpassing other enterprise platform security vendors in independent scoring around Protection, Performance and Usability.  In fact, McAfee ENS was 100% effective against both 0-day malware attacks as well as prevalent malware circulating in the past 4 weeks. And with virtually no false positives (only 1 out of 1.3M) McAfee ENS showed virtually no signs of impacting user productivity.

McAfee ENS is our most modern and effective endpoint security platform to date, delivering advanced integrated capabilities from endpoint hardening, to reputation analysis, machine learning, behavioral containment and endpoint detection and response (EDR). Eighty percent of our current endpoint node base has either completed or is actively in the process of migration to ENS. That’s tens of millions of nodes across thousands of customers globally.

In addition to the Top Product Award for our corporate endpoint solution, our McAfee consumer product—McAfee Internet Security—received perfect scores across the board for protection performance and usability, resulting in an 18 out of 18.  This is significant as both our corporate and consumer nodes work together to deliver one of the largest real-world sensor grids available with over 350 million clients deployed globally.  This sensor network continuously informs our analytics and makes it possible for us to deliver truly differentiated protection as our test results confirm.


If you’re a current McAfee customer using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Site Advisor or Host Intrusion Prevention, you already own McAfee ENS.  McAfee ENS simplifies what you manage because it uses one agent and integrates defenses into one platform. How much does it simplify? You could save up to 40 hours a week and cut threat remediation time by as much as 95%. Those aren’t numbers created in a McAfee lab, actual customers have reported saving this much time.


Not a McAfee customer? In that case let me ask two questions:

  • Have you had an instance of ransomware in the last year? Our customers report after deploying McAfee Endpoint Security going from regular waves of attacks to zero.
  • How many solutions and management tools do you use to secure your endpoints? Odds are it’s between 4-5 because that’s the average.

Think about how much time having one place to go to manage everything would save you! Now imagine if instead of moving from the multiple tools and interfaces you use and plugging in data or manually deciding what to do, having integrated components that do the collaboration and put threats into context for you.

Learn more about the latest McAfee Endpoint Security or if you’re already a customer, get the details on how to upgrade your legacy products.

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