Boston Medical Center Finds Security Integration With McAfee

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How important is a comprehensive, fully integrated security strategy for an enterprise? Just ask Michelle Duprey, Manager of Information Security at Boston Medical Center (BMC). The academic medical center, based in Boston, is the largest safety-net hospital in New England. A business that robust demands a modern security defense.

When Duprey first joined the hospital she faced a security nightmare—an environment of disjointed security applications that didn’t communicate with each other. “We run a lean group, and it was challenging to pull data out of all of those disparate products and turn it into useful information,” she says. When security applications start to work against you instead of with you, it’s time to reevaluate.

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“We chose McAfee because we needed a powerful and effective suite that could be managed with a single pane of glass. Not only do the McAfee products work extremely well together, but ePO makes our jobs so much easier. In one console we’re able to see what’s going on with all 10,000 endpoints, and we can push policies out to the entire network in just a few minutes.”

Three years ago, BMC partnered with McAfee to consolidate their portfolio of tools to build a single, integrated security environment. Today, this environment consists of McAfee Web Protection, Network Security Manager, Threat Intelligence Exchange, and Advanced Threat Defense. Within a month, BMC will complete its rollout of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager for SIEM. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) ties everything together with a single, unified management console.

Duprey comments that the powerful TIE/ATD combo gives the team a better picture of endpoint status and where the vulnerabilities are, capabilities that will be strengthened even further with the addition of SIEM. “Now that we’ve consolidated our portfolio around McAfee, we’ll spend the next few years optimizing those technologies and getting to a fluid operational state,” she adds.

Transitioning to McAfee’s integrated security platform grants Boston Medical Center a clearer view of their endpoints and security ecosystem as a whole. Breaking down siloed tools in exchange for centralized solutions provides the hospital the support it needs to supply patients with quality care.

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