Banking on Advanced Protection: Comprehensive and Integrated Security at a Regional Commercial Bank

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Isn’t it time to invest in a security solution that doesn’t break the bank? One bank offers a textbook case study in corporate data security, since by definition it’s required to safeguard clients’ highly sensitive personal and financial data. This U.S.-based regional commercial bank has undergone a sea of change in its approach to security over the past seven years, a remarkable transformation overseen by the bank’s CISO.


This bank has migrated from disconnected point solutions to a fully integrated security platform based on McAfee solutions, and the result is nothing short of amazing. Their security team is better and more efficient at detecting malware of all kinds, equipping the bank to deal with advanced, targeted cyber threats and ward off costly data breaches.


With the help of McAfee Professional Services, the CISO and his team took existing deployments of McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Enterprise software and enabled them to communicate seamlessly with one another. In addition, the security team added McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange with Advanced Threat Defense to improve detection of advanced, targeted threats and further overcome the effects of siloed point systems. McAfee ePO provides the central management console for managing endpoint protection and other security solutions.

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The open, interconnected McAfee infrastructure is driven by an adaptive feedback loop in which security evolves and learns in an iterative cycle that improves over time. This not only delivers a much more sustainable advantage against complex threats, but it’s also much more efficient than the bank’s previous traditional, unintegrated security architecture. The strategy paid off recently when the bank was targeted by a zero-day phishing attack. In the end, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange did exactly what was expected—kept the bank safe.


“With the McAfee interconnected security approach, communication between solutions becomes a non-issue,” says the CISO. “Planning, technical design process, deployment, implementation, and maintenance have all become so much easier.”


He adds, “McAfee has treated us as an important customer from the very beginning, when all we had was antivirus software. Our security transformation is still under way, but we are so much more secure now than we were before. I expect McAfee to be partnering with us for the long haul, helping us tackle our strategic priorities, from better controlling employee behavior to securely leveraging the cloud.”


After the zero-day phishing attack, two subsequent attacks were also easily thwarted. Thanks to a truly integrated security approach, this bank’s security environment looks extremely different today than it did just a few years ago, and its security posture is stronger and more sustainable.


Want more? Read the full case study here. Questions? We have answers on Twitter at @McAfee_Business.

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