Emerging Trends in Healthcare Security: Join @IntelSec_Biz For #SecChat Thursday 2/23

Healthcare demands a degree of confidentiality and privacy that exceeds almost any other industry. As a result, trends such as cloud computing and the consumerization of IT have unique implications for security professionals working in this sphere. With increased integration of electronic records, as well as evolving regulatory pressures and privacy laws, the complexity of managing these systems has grown significantly – underlining the urgency of addressing security risks.

During this month’s #SecChat, we hope to open up a discussion that will provide insight into how healthcare organizations effectively monitor networks, optimize incident response, and assess and mitigate the risk of a security incidents including breaches – particularly in the wake of emerging trends in IT.

Is the healthcare industry ready for cloud adoption? Or is a reluctance to migrate to the cloud justified, given both information security and HIPAA compliance concerns? What are some of the security and compliance implications of growing tablet use among clinicians, and how has your organization reacted to having so much sensitive information outside of the traditional IT infrastructure? Has social media use among healthcare professionals sparked any security issues at your org, and what kind of policies have been set in place to mitigate this risk?

Join us next Thursday, 2/23 at 10am PT by following the #SecChat hashtag and @IntelSec_Biz Twitter feed, and share your opinion on emerging trends in healthcare security – from cloud adoption and mobile applications, to social media, incident response and more.

Logistics: How do I participate in #SecChat?

  1. Find
  •  Search for the #SecChat hashtag (via TweetChat, TweetDeck, or a Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.
  1. Follow
  • @IntelSec_Biz will get the conversation rolling by posing a few questions to participants.
  1. Engage!
  • Tweet your reactions, questions and @reply’s to the chat, making sure to use the #SecChat hashtag.
  • #SecChat should last about an hour.

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