Email Equals Data – Leading Research Firm, Forrester, Gets It

When you spend your days talking about network security to just about anyone who will listen, you learn a lot about what keeps them up at night.  The key security and IT decision-makers I’m lucky to speak with really bring to life the trends that are uncovered every quarter in the McAfee Labs Threats Report.  These executives confirm why our latest security discoveries are genuine and are true cause for business concern.

Apparently Forrester Research gains the same insight into the concerns I consistently hear around email content and data protection.  You see, Forrester named McAfee as a leader in “The Forrester WaveTM: Email Content Security, Q4 2012” due to our strong data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities, along with performance and operation, reporting and management.

It’s always validating to be recognized in these reports, but what’s more important to me is that firms like Forrester are helping to raise awareness about the growing threats impacting email content security.  We all know it’s not about just annoying spam anymore.  It’s about the threats that are surreptitiously embedded in highly targeted emails.  It’s about the social engineering that’s being used to dupe innocent people whether online at home or online at work.  And, it’s about data getting into the wrong hands – by both bad actors and good people making innocent mistakes. 

Data loss is a huge risk for businesses.  My CISO peers are really concerned about strategic information and intellectual property getting out to their competitors.  They tell me stories about financial data getting leaked by one accidental keystroke or mouse click.  When I can ease some of their anxiety by sharing that email protection is really evolving to take on these problems – with DLP built in – I feel like I’m in a business that’s moving in the right direction.  And, now we’ve got validation.

This news also allows me to share how impressed I am with my teams.  I work with an exceptional group of extremely committed people who follow the trends, dig deep into the issues, and then develop and continuously improve technology that addresses malware, spam, data loss, policy enforcement, and business continuity.  Every day, I know I’ll be even more impressed than the day before.

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