What you need to know about the NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Test

This blog was written by Joakim Lialias.

Getting back into the groove at work after RSA can be a bit of a challenge. The week is definitely filled with meetings, a lot of walking and endless introductions. As usual, RSA was jam-packed with a number of interesting announcements and the NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Test report released on February 14th, 2017 stirred up some excitement in the endpoint security space.

So what was the big deal about this test report? Well, first it is one of the most comprehensive advanced endpoint tests that has been done to date, spanning products from 13 different vendors. Second, the products were tested against a multitude of attack threat vectors, truly simulating the dynamic threat environment that security architects have to deal with as they look at protecting endpoints against a barrage of advanced threats. Third, it provided an elegant way for customers to evaluate products in terms of both overall security effectiveness and total cost of ownership. This provides an end customer with some interesting information that can be used in an initial evaluation. While it is true that vendors have different opinions about testing methodologies from time to time, my advice is to read more about the Advanced Endpoint Test Methodology used by NSS labs, and decide for yourself.
Our own McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) version 10.5 was included in the test and achieved a security effectiveness rating of 99% with zero false positives, and 100% of the tested evasions blocked. These results earned McAfee Endpoint Security an NSS Labs Recommended Rating for Advanced Endpoint Protection. Compared with the other vendors, McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS 10.5) did really well, having the second highest security effectiveness rating.

Why did we do so well? Some of you might not be familiar with McAfee Endpoint Security or our version 10.5 release so please allow me to provide a quick overview. The 10.5 release was launched in Q4 2016 as part of our Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense solution for endpoints. Our goal with the Dynamic Endpoint solution is to help you break down siloes in your security architecture. Using siloed point products often results in gaps in protection and a lot of manual effort when it comes to management, understanding security context or identifying threats. ENS combines established defenses such as firewall, web, and antimalware with cutting-edge capabilities such as machine learning (artificial intelligence) and dynamic application containment. Add to this a native endpoint detection and response option all deployed on a single platform agent with a single management console and you have yourself a comprehensive, highly effective endpoint security solution. We rocked the NSS test results and that was without including our EDR capabilities. Adding EDR to the mix would only have made it better.

So why should any of this matter to you?
• This is a non-vendor sponsored test – vendors didn’t pay NSS to test their products and they didn’t get to dictate what or how things got tested. This is a “just the facts” kind of test.
• They test actual products, in our case Endpoint Security 10.5. The NSS Labs findings demonstrate the accuracy with which our integrated, multi-stage protection stops zero-day malware, like ransomware, before it can infect the first endpoint.
• There is always a bean counter lurking in the back of the room – NSS Labs took both efficacy and Total Cost of Ownership into account in their analysis. In other words – what security value does each solution deliver for the money spent? Good data to have in your next management or budget discussion.

Remember what I said about ending security silos and the risks associated with them? We build bridges between products and solutions enabling instant visibility, simpler investigations and one-click correction across the entire organization. Not only does dynamic endpoint decrease management overhead, the combination of advanced endpoint protection and EDR reduces your exposure from hidden threats from days and weeks to mere seconds. Additionally, Dynamic Endpoint uses OpenDXL to integrate with products to automatically share threat insights and adapt defenses. This combination of capabilities brought together as an integrated solution allows you deliver a security posture that materially reduces cyber risk for your organization.

This report is just the first of many great real world examples of how McAfee Endpoint Security is beating the competition in the areas that matter most to security teams. Stay tuned to this site for updates and to hear what your security peers have to say about their experiences.
To download the reports:

To download the report: NSS Security Value Map™ Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP).
For more information on the Dynamic Endpoint solution, click here.

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